Coming Home With Your New Baby

Many women spend the nine months that they are pregnant planning for the day that they get to bring their baby home. Every aspect of the new life they are going to have has been planned well before the big day arrives. There are many things to consider before baby comes home and the guide below will help ensure that you have covered all of your bases to make the transition as easy as possible.

If this is your first baby, the transition home will be a bit easier than that of mothers with other children in the home. Multiple children households are going to have to consider what they are going to do with the other kids while mom is in labor. You need to be sure that the child does not feel forgotten, but you also need to be able to focus on the task at hand. Find someone that you can trust and that your child is comfortable with to care for your child. Delivery can take a very long time for some women, so the child must be comfortable enough with the care giver to be able to spend the night with them.

Introducing the family to the new addition. Have a plan ahead of time as to whether you plan to invite the family to the hospital to meet the baby or if you are going to have a welcome party for the baby once you get home and settled in. Make sure that you and your spouse agree about who is going to be in the room at the time of delivery and who will be allowed to come and see you and baby as soon as permitted by the hospital.

Are you planning to breastfeed? You will need to know this as soon as baby is born. You are going to be asked to nurse shortly after baby is all cleaned up, so knowing your plans ahead of time will help you and the hospital staff know what is going on after the birth.

Have a few different brands of diapers ready at home. Some babies will not be able to wear particular brands due to allergies. You will not know this until you try the diapers for a few days. Having multiple brands at home will keep you from having to make an unnecessary trip to the store if they are not working.

Arrange for some help for a day or two after you get home. Some women recover quite quickly, while others will take some time to get back on their feet. Having someone to help you the fist couple days will allow you to get rest when you can so you can recover quicker. Make sure that you have a schedule to show who is going to help when so you do not have friends and family stepping over each other or arguing about whose turn it is with the baby.

These are just a few of the most important things that you can do to make the addition to your family a little easier. Put them to use in planning today so when the time comes, you can relax and enjoy the big day.